Flower Growing

Flower growing is a long-time activity which was started in 1919 with carnations. It slowly expanded and large colonies of flower-growers developed in San Miguel, Florencio Varela, and Escobar. The traditional National Flower Festivity is held every year at Escobar.

By 1950 the partners at the Richmond Bar in Córdoba City sold their business; Kiyotomi Uehara then came down to Buenos Aires and took up carnation growing.

Many Japanese nationals owned bar-rooms, a line of business that had increased during the first half of last century, but most of them later turned to a kind of activity that could involve the whole family group. One such activity was garment cleaning: it had been done before, but in the second half of last century it developed noticeably.

1954. El Ombu neighbourhood, Jose C. Paz, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Inside a glasshouse, among the standing workers: Hajime Yonamine, from Nakijin, Okinawa, Kiyotomi Uehara´s brother-in-law, Kiyotomi Uehara (43).
Left: Alberto Kiyokatsu Uehara, Kiyotomi Uehara´s elder son.

1954. In the El Ombu area, Jose C. Paz, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Glasshouses where Kiyotomi Uehara and his family grew carnations.

1954. El Ombu neighbourhood, Jose C. Paz, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Kiyotomi Uehara´s glasshouses. In this area, three other Japanese families grew carnations, the Watanabes from Shimane Ken, Japan, the Ashiya family from Hyogo Ken, Japan and Sawais from Tokyo To, Japan.