Family Life

Japanese bachelors who wanted to get married, had their brides-to-be travel to Argentina. For the sake of a better integration to their surroundings, the had their Argentine children baptized.

Kiyotomi Uehara requested his bride-to-be to come to Argentina. She accepted and came over to marry him.

1935. Córdoba City, Argentina.

In 1933 over 5000 Japanese were on record as living in Argentina. Most of them were single men aged between 20 and 30. Those youngsters used to spend their spare time in group outings such as strolling around Sarmiento Park, in Córdoba City.
Standing from right to left: Gibo Kini (from Okinawa, Japan), Kogen Tamashiro (from Motobu, Okinawa, Japan), Kiyotomi Uehara (24).
Sitting: Minoru Nakasone (from Motobu, Okinawa, Japan), Kiei Asato (from Nakagusuku, Okinawa, Japan), Seizen Uehara (brother to K.U.).

1935.At Sarmiento Park, in Córdoba City, Argentina.

First row from right to left: Katena Hidetsugu (from Nakijin, Okinawa, Japan), an Argentine friend. Second row: Kiyotomi Uehara (24).
Centre: Kogen Tamashiro (from Motobu, Okinawa, Japan).
Third row: Seizen Uehara (brother to K. U.), Kiei Asato (from Okinawa, Japan), Minoru Nakasone (from Urasaki, Okinawa, Japan).

1936. Córdoba City, Argentina.

Kiyotomi Uehara (right) (25) strolling around San Martín Park in Córdoba City together with Heijin Taira (from Hamamoto, Okinawa, Japan).

1936. Córdoba City, Argentina.

Girls: Teresa Uehara and Rosita Uehara (nieces to Kiyotomi Uehara).
Second row, left: Seizen Uehara (brother to K.U., Hoyu Uema (cousin to K.U.) and Morisuke Kohakura (from Nakijin, Okinawa, Japan).

1935. Córdoba City, Argentina.

Most of the youngsters in this photograph are single. Only Kiyomasa Uehara (eldest brother to Kiyotomi Uehara) was married, as he was already married by the time of his departure, and he came over with his wife Kamada.
Standing from left to right: Kiyotomi Uehara (24), Morisuke Kohagura (from Nakijin, Okinawa, Japan), Hoyu Uema (from Nakijin, Okinawa, Japan), Kiyoji Uehara (brother to K. U.), Genmatsu Shokida (from Nakijin, Okinawa, Japan), Morijiro Kohakura (from Nakijin, Okinawa, Japan).
Sitting from left to right: Seizen Uehara (brother to K. U.), Kiyomasa Uehara (eldest brother to K. U.), Kamada Uehara (Mrs. Kiyomasa Uehara), Hidetsugu Katena (from Nakijin, Okinawa, Japan).
Children to Kiyomasa Uehara: Emilia Uehara, Rosa Uehara, Teresa Uehara (daughters) and Julio Uehara (son).

1936.In Córdoba City, Argentina.

Kiyotomi Uehara (25) and his friends Hoyu Uema (from Nakijin, Okinawa, Japan) (cousin to K.U.) (right), and Higa Minoru (left).




1936. Córdoba City, Argentina.

Kiyotomi Uehara (25) with his niece Teresa Uehara and nephew Julio Uehara, children to his eldest brother Kiyomasa Uehara.

March 1937. Buenos Aires province, Argentina.

The house of Mr. Shinei Kuba from Nakijin, Okinawa, in Ezeiza when Seitake Uehara, Kiyotomi Uehara´s younger brother, Soko Kanashiro and Genjiro Yonamine all arrived from the same town, Nakijin, Okinawa, Japan.
This was the third time settlers from Nakijin had met for a reunion called “sonjinkai”, which still continues to reunite people from the same area of Japan. On thes occasion, it coincided with the arrival of three new immigrants, one of them a younger brother of Kiyotomi Uehara, who had come from Cordoba city.

1938. Córdoba City, Argentina.

From left to right: Chushin Yonamine, Kiyotomi Uehara (26) and Soko Kanashiro. The first and the third are cousins to Kiotomi Uehara. He had arranged for them to come to Argentina.

1937, Nakiin, Okinawa, Japón.

Farewell to the future wives of the mother and the sisters of their future husbands, who are brothers.


November 6,1938. In the New Port Madero (now Puerto Madero), Buenos Aires.

The arrival in Argentina of Chiyoko Uchima and Takako Yonamine, both from Nakijin, to marry Seizen Uehara and Kiyotomi Uehara respectively, and also of Mr. Senshun Uema. The Uehara brothers, friends and relatives went to meet their fiancées at the dock. The ship Buenos Aires Maru on its last voyage before being transformed into a warship.

1925. Nakijin, Okinawa , Japan .

The mother, grandmother and sisters to Taka Yonamine. Her father, Gentaro Yonamine, was a teacher and school head. He died when she was one year old. She was born at the school where her father taught.

Sitting: Nabe Yonamine's grandmother and mother.

Standing: Haru Yonamine (her eldest sister) and Take Yonamine (her youngest sister).

1933. Nakijin, Okinawa, Japan.

Taka Yonamine (18) depicted with a friend.

1936.Nakijin, Okinawa, Japan.

Taka Yonamine (19) (right) with her youngest sister Take (centre) and her sister-in-law to-be Miyo Kohagura (left).

1925 In Japan. Taka Yonamine (18 years)







1938. Nago, Okinawa, Japan.

Takako Yonamine aged 23, from Nakijin, Okinawa just before leaving to marry Kiyotomi Uehara in Argentina. She was born in Nakijin in 1915 and completed her primary schooling in Okinawa Ken Kaneshi Jinjo Koto Shogako. She Kept silkworms, spun the raw silk into thread which was dyed in Nago and move silk cloth, some of which was sold. When she was 18 she went to work in Osaka in a factory for 18 months. Returning to Okinawa, she qualified as a midwife in Ansei Bioin of Naha and had just begun to practice when she received the proposal of marriage from Kiyotomi Uehara through relatives. She decided to accept the proposal and travel to Argentina.

1923. Nakijin, Okinawa, Japan.

Photograph depicting the pupils and teachers of the Nakijin-Son Kaneshi Jingyo Koto Shogako school.
Taka Yonamine (15) is the second of the first rwo pupils sitting on the floor.

1934.Osaka, Japan.

Taka Yonamine (19, the first one crouching at left) is seen with her work-mates in Osaka, where she had gone in order to work.

1925. Nakijin, Okinawa , Japan .

Taka Yonamine's brothers: Hajime (centre) and Tetsu (right), plus her cousin Hidetsugu Katena (left).



6 January 1938. Buenos Aires city, Argentina.

Reception for the wives of Seizen Uehara and Kiyotomi Uehara: Chiyo Uchima and Takako Yonamine and their friend Senshun Uema, just arrived in Argentina. This was held in the Japanese Bar in Avellaneda city, opposite the market, belonging to Mr. Kinhei from Haneji, Okinawa, Japan.
Seated from the right: Senshun Uema, Nakasone Shizuko, Haruko Nakasone (parada), Haruko Nakasone con su hijo Keizo en brazos, Takako Yonamine, detrás de ella, sentado Kiyotomi Uehara, Chiyoko Uchima, detrás de ella Seizin Uehara, Haruko Tamashiro, Haruko Shokida, Kinmatsu Nakasone.
Derecha, parados: Uchima Masao, Genkichi Tamashiro, Eichi Nichijima, Nakasone Koei, Shokida Fukusei, Nakason Matsutaro y su hijo Alberto Tetsuya, Yonamine Genjiro, Shokida HukujiUehara Seizen, Tamashiro Gensei, N.N., N.N. Nishijima Shosaburo, Uchima Tasuki.
(Foto Terukawa)

6 November 1938. Buenos Aires city, Argentina.

The newly weds Takako Yonamine and Kiyotomi Uehara (27).

1938. In Nago, Okinawa, Japan.

Chiyoko Uchima (23, photo at right) and Taka Yonamine (23, photo at left) acknowledged the proposal to marry brothers Seizen and Kiyotomi Uehara respectively.
Upon their acceptance, they agreed to carry out the procedure and preparation for the wedding wardrobe together. They are depicted shopping together. Both are from Nakijin, Okinawa, Japan.

1939. In Córdoba City, Argentina.

The newly-married ladies, newly arrived from Japan, are depicted strolling around San Martín Park, Córdoba City, Argentina, together with Mrs. Toshiko Higa (centre, Nago, Okinawa, Japan).

1939. At the farm by the road to Santiago del Estero, in Córdoba Province, Argentina (owned by Kiyotomi Uehara).

Lef to right: Taka Yonemine de Uehara (Nakijin, Okinawa, Japan), Chiyoko Uchima de Uehara (Nakijin, Okinawa, Japan), Hana Katena (Nikijin, Okinawa, Japan) and Hidetsugu Katena (Nakijin, Okinawa, Japan).

1939. Córdoba City, at 242, Tucumán Street.

Farewell party to Mr. Masao Uchima on his returning to Okinawa, Japan. The entire family of the Uehara brothers, plus friends of theirs, are depicted. Several Japanese families lived at 242, Tucumán Street i.e. several of the Uehara brothers with their family, plus the Fushimi family. Besides, the Japanese school of Córdoba had its premises there.

1950. Cordoba city, Cordoba, Argentina.

The arrival in Argentina of Kiyotomi Uehara´s sister Nabe Uehara de Shokida with her daughters Toshiko and Yoshiko, with His younger sister Kiku Uehara, who was already living in Buenos Aires. They later settled in Buenos Aires.
Front row left: Kiyokuni Uehara, Cecilia Kieko Uehara, Alberto Kiyotetsu Uehara.
Second row seated left: Kiyoji Uehara, Nabe Uehara de Shokida, Kiyomasa Uehara, Kiku Uehara de Tamashiro, Kiyotomi Uehara aged 49.
Third row: Seizen Uehara, Chiyoko Uchima de Uehara, Yoshiko Shokida, Keiko Uehara,Emilia Uehara, toshiko Sokida, Takako Yonamine de Uehara, Elena Uehara.
Fourth row: Alicia Yooko Uehara, Kiyohide Uehara, Hiroshi Uehara, Kiohiro Uehara.

1953. Buenos Aires province, Argentina.
Picnic in Ezeiza. 18th. Annual reunion of families from Nakijin, Okinawa.

Among them, Kiyotomi Uehara´s family. Similar reunions were held by former residents of other Japanese provinces.