Bar Rooms

Between 1920 and 1940 over 40 bar-rooms or cafes were run by Japanese persons in Buenos Aires. Among the best known were “Café Nagasaki”, at 975, Pueyrredon Ave.; “The Japan Bar”, at 427, 25-de-Mayo St.; the one at the corner of San Juan and Boedo Avenues (this place is nowadays known as Café Bar “Esquina Homero Manzi” – “Homero Manzi Corner” Café and Bar-room), formerly “Japanese Café” (“Nippon”). This activity by Japanese owners underwent a slow-down until it practically vanished around the end of the 50’s.
Kiyotomi Uehara began working at the bar-room set up by his eldest brother. In a short time he became acquainted with the trade and settled on his own at the age of 21, with two of his brothers as partners.

1932. In Córdoba City, Córdoba Province, Argentina.
Kiyotomi Uehara (22) and Seiko Miyasato (21, from Oguimi, Okinawa, Japan). Photograph shot on the sidewalk of Yokohama Bar-room at 23, Rivera Indarte St., just opposite the House of Representatives in Córdoba City.
Kiyotomi Uehara and his brothers Kiyoji and Seizen bought Yokohama Bar-room from their eldest brother Kiyomasa, who also bought Tokio Bar-room on San Jerónimo St, Córdoba City

932. In Córdoba City, Córdoba Province, Argentina
Kiyotomi Uehara (24).

1949. Cordoba, Argentine.

Kiyotomi Uehara with friends and customers in his Richmond Bar. This was on Buenos Aires St. opposite San Martin Square with another entrance on Ituzaingo St. had 16 billiard tables and over 50 employees. There was a balcony (shown in the photo) where tango orchestras and a ladies´ orchestra, engaged by Kiyotomi Uehara played. It was owned by four associates: Kiyotomi Uehara, his brothers Kiyomasa and Seizen, and Mr. Kichigi Oshiro.
Next to Kiyotomi Uehara is his eldest brother Kiyomasa.

1936. En el Bar Yokoham de la ciudad de Córdoba, Argentina .

Kiyotomi Uehara (aged 25, the owner of the bar-room) shown by the female employee who played records on the Victrola record player. The bar was located just opposite the City Hall, which accounts for its being visited by important politicians and government officers. Carlos Gardel, the foremost tango singer, had breakfast at Uehara's bar-room for a whole week before 7 a .m.

1939. In the Yokohama Bar, Cordoba , Argentine.

Sogoro Yonamine aged 28 with customers in Kiyotomi Uehara´s bar

Cordoba city, Argentine.

Outside the bar of Seizen Uehara in “La Cañada”.
From the left: Mr. Aoki, Saburo Koyama (from Shizuoka), two employees, Seizen Uehara and his brother Kiyotomi Uehara aged 49.

1940. Mina Clavero, Cordoba, Argentine.

Clearing up after the river Mina Clavero floded Kiyotomi Uehara´s tea garden “La Japonesita-La Terraza” in the summer season this was very popular and at night there was dancing to a live orchestra.
1st. row: Nakano form Kumamoto, Elena Uehara
2nd.row: unknown, Kiyotomi Uehara aged 30, his wife Takako Yonamine.
3rd.row: helper in the bar, name unknown.

1941. Mina Clavero, Córdoba Province, Argentina.

In Mina Clavero Kiyotomi Uehara opened “La Japonesita” bar-room, “La Terraza” tea-room, an icecream- producing unit and a dancing hall with an orchestra.
Behind the counter, Taka Yonamine de Uehara, Kiyotomi Uehara (30), their daughter Elena, and Mr. Nakano (from Kumamoto, Japan).

1949 A waiter-friend in a restaurante of Liniers, Bs.As.